Comprehensive Sexuality Education and Information

By Victoria Nnesa

As the world is rapidly becoming more complex, with many children maturing earlier and being exposed to competing sources of information, the need for Comprehensive Sexuality Education and Information (CSE &I ) has become urgent. There is a growing need to ensure that children are being equipped with the necessary knowledge , skills and information regarding their sexuality in order for them to be in a better position to navigate the present and the future. Families, schools and religious institutes have a key role to play.

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Celebrating milestones and staying connected

By Rebecca Phwitiko

The World YWCA held The International Leadership Institute for Young Women (ILI), themed “Her Future – The Future Young Women Want” in Bangkok, Thailand, and hosted 53 young woman representatives from over 45 countries around the world. 24 year old Rebecca Phwitiko, President of the YWCA of Malawi and World YWCA board member who was a participant at the event, shares her experience.

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By Mtisunge Kachingwe

The Partnership for Maternal, New-born & Child Health (PMNCH) is a partnership of 625 organisations from across seven constituencies: governments, multilateral organisations, donors and foundations, non-governmental organisations, healthcare professional associations, academic, research and training institutions and the private sector. Hosted by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and launched in 2005, the vision of the Partnership is the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), with women and children enabled to realise their right to the highest attainable standard of health in the year to 2015 and beyond.


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Our Safe Spaces Reduce Vulnerability and Expand Opportunities


Titilayo and Inunonse attended the Adolescent Girl’s Empowerment Program Training workshop – Zambia November 2013. The training was run by the Population Council and had 24 participants from 11 YWCA’s from around the world.

The Zambian experience brought joy, happiness and new challenges to us as young women leaders of the movement. It gave us a bigger picture of what young women and girls go through around the world hence reminding us that as leaders we need to address issues affecting our interests.

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“Africa rising” – Beijing +20

By Alice Bwanausi

It was been an amazing experience to be in Addis, once again! Barely a month since I was here for the CSO’s consultative meeting on Beijing+20, in October. The weather has been kinder this time around unlike the chilly weather in the middle of October that had me sleeping in my formal dress jacket, due to the light clothing I had packed, thinking Addis would be as hot as Blantyre back home!

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